Mark Ronson & the Business Intl.

It’s no surprise I love Mark Ronson (current hair style excluded). Musician, producer, Grammy award winner, operates under Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

His latest collaboration with Boy George, “Want Somebody to Love me”, is on my ipod repeat at a high level.

New album, Record Collection, is a mix of collaborations (The Zutons, the View, Kaiser Chiefs, Q-Tip, etc) and well.. he brought Boy George back to life- Culture Club comes back with with reunion tour…. just you wait. So braid your hair, colour in your eyebrows nice and thin and wear anything.. anything- matching is irrelevant.

“The Bike Song” is this cool little track featuring Scottish Kyle Falconer from The View and Spank Rock. Starts a bit ’90s hip hop but tricks you and moves onto a techno/indie rock sound. And well, it’s about a bike… we can all relate. Well, except Rob Ford.

“Pop music often searches to find the eternal in the everyday. Songs attempt to freeze time around one emotional moment – I haven’t got enough money! I wish I could wish on a falling star! Girls are sexy! – and to make sure it’s communicated to as many people as possible, it’ll often take place in the most mundane of locations: a street, the house you grew up in, a nightclub… This is why it’s a good idea to write a song with a bike in it. It’s not just a fun hook to hang a lyric from, it speaks to our inner child.” BBC Chart Blog.

Mark Ronson can create music by meshing unlikely styles, thus delivering his own signature sound. I don’t know how he does it. But that is why I write, and he makes music. I am just glad he does.

This album is ’80’s reincarnated, hip hop wonder beats and catchy melodies.

Dance shoes? High top sneakers. Neon. Why not? Boy George Would. When in doubt, think… WWBGD.

Actually, don’t.

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