Tips to Help You Think Positively

Lets be real, we can’t fake happy all the time. Life can be hard, life is certainly a work in progress, and sometimes being positive is just as much work as your nine-to-five. However, being positive is essential to your well-being, health, and overall achievement… plus, you feel better so why not give it a try?

Here are some of the ways I work on a more positive outlook everyday. Integrating them into your lifestyle just might help you think of the brighter side of life, and generally make you feel better overall.

  1. Find Your Quiet Time

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Find the quiet time in your day to reflect, meditate (a new thing I have start dabbling in), plan, goal set, and just… breathe. With the steady stream of emails, unpredictable schedules, busy social lives… finding that time for you (just, you) to sit alone, listen to music, take a ridiculously long shower or bath, or go for a nice walk, can help clear your mind and refocus.

Mornings are a great time (my quiet time is 6am – 8am)  because if you are up early enough you will avoid the emails or phone calls that can distract you or take priority. Not a morning person? Try going to bed early to squeeze in an adequate amount of sleep in order to wake up easier, and set your alarm clock a bit earlier each morning to trick yourself into that ideal hour. Tip: Try Sleepcycle, it is an app that analyzes your sleep patterns and gently wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. Yes, it actually works.

Adequate sleep results in positive moods. Waking up early allows for me to have some “thinking time”, resulting in a positive frame of mind to start the work day with. And quiet time allows for me to prepare or detox from the busy happenings of the day, release any negativity, and remain in a positive vibe. Give it a try!

2. Goal Set

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Think you missed the New Year? Who cares! Start now. You’re always ahead of tomorrow. New week, new day, new goals – and cross ’em off when you are done!

I typically write a year-long goal list at the start of the year, and keep it in my wallet or beside my bed to periodically review and ensure I am on track (usually by September/October there is a mad dash of must-do’s). Sunday nights, I write the goals for the week and leave them on my phone or beside my computer to make sure I can cross ’em off as I go. Then each morning, I write a list of 5 (only 5!!) things I HAVE to accomplish that day, and I DO NOT leave work until I do them all. This creates a bit of work/life balance, and the sense of accomplishment keeps you feeling positive and fulfilled at the end of your work day. Plus, you are so busy during the day to feel anything less than positive. You are just positively focused.

3. Compliment yourself. Compliment others.

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Keep the flow of positivity around you by genuinely taking the time to brighten someones day with a compliment. Mean it. Feel it. And give it from the heart. Start your day this way, everyday and watch how making someone else feel good allows for you to feel better and more positive also.

We often are quick to judge… ourselves. I personally tend to be my own harshest critic, and very demanding of myself in terms of work and achievements. I think it is okay to be a perfectionist, but know when it is time to thank yourself and compliment yourself on how hard you have worked, your efforts, your moments, and yourself. By doing so, you learn to love yourself.

This doesn’t have to mean looking in the mirror and saying “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me”… but it certainly doesn’t hurt. (LOLz… If you understand that SNL reference, we are already friends)

Hope these help guys, and if you still have trouble with keeping a positive outlook try:

4. Working Out: The serotonin released from a good work out will influence your mood

5. Gratitude List: Write out everything you are thankful for (even the small things!) and before you know it, you have more things to be thankful for than you even realized

(and an extra one.. because you should always do this): Call a friend or family member: Cheer up with the sound of a loved one and a great conversation with a friend or loved one who is positive and cares about you

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