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A giant thank you to Cereal Entrepreneur for the awesome feature on their blog and Instagram! I am certainly in great company, and in being featured, connected with some brilliant creative personalities from all over the world.

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Here is the full article, below:

Originally working as a freelance community manager, Lauren Shirreffs, was lucky to connect with many local businesses and grow her business to over 30 clients in the Toronto area. She then met her business partner,Steve Dolson, on Twitter and began discussing the opportunities of working together after determining they had similar interests and differentiating skills.

After working on a few successful campaigns together, Lauren and Steve decided to partner and start 2Social Inc., boutique Social Media Marketing Agency and expand their offerings to both local and national brands. At 2Social, they partner with each client to build and grow their company’s online presence with winning social strategies and engaging content development.

Q: Tell us, how is your business different from your competitors:

A: We are very specific to our offerings… social media management, strategy, content developments, social media advertising; all centered around the online goals of each and every client.


Q: Why did you choose to start your own company?

A: I have always been a cereal entrepreneur (see what I did there ;)). As a child I would colour and paint drawings, then go door to door selling them to my neighbours, as an early teen I organized a babysitting business (clearly inspired by The Babysitter Club books), and then worked for 5 years in fitness offering personal training to people in their homes. My passion lies in helping people. I wanted to create something that would provide value to my community and local entrepreneurs, as well as enrich my working life by curating an environment of like-minded creative personalities.


Q: Do you have a piece of advice to give other entrepreneurs?

A: Be aware of the workload and commitment involved in becoming an entrepreneur, before getting started. Get into whatever you do because you are passionate about it, and let the passion support and guide you through the difficult moments that will come along with the responsibility. Be grateful everyday, be humble always, and be prepared to work you butt off.


Q: What does your typical morning routine look like?

A: I typically wake up around 6am and stumble to the closest coffee or espresso machine. I always try to get into the office before the team to have the quiet time to respond to emails, write a gratitude list, meditate, and create a detailed to-do list for the day. Then, I jump into the tasks of the day, which always varies from accounting, pitching, proposals, strategizing, planning, creating content and visuals, and meetings. Everyday is different, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Q: Tell us a funny or embarrassing moment that happened to you as an entrepreneur?

A: I had a meeting just after the lunch hour, and while eating made sure to tuck a napkin into my dress shirt to not get salad dressing all over my white shirt. Once I got to my meeting, and removed my jacket, one of my clients turned to me and asked what was with my fashion statement. Confused, she gestured to my shirt and I looked down in horror to see I had forgotten to remove my napkin bib. It was hilarious, and luckily I had a great relationship with these clients that we were able to laugh about it.


Q: Was your spouse supportive you when you told them you were going to be an entrepreneur?

Parents? Friends?  Was everyone with you, against you, or mixed?

A: I am truly blessed with a very supportive group of friends and family members. I attribute this to my success, as they inspire me everyday and always support any new endeavor, wild idea, or project I work on. With my long hours, late nights, and often, weekend meetings, their support and understanding is so appreciated. When I started 2Social, my family/friends weren’t really sure what I did for a living, “so… you’re tweeting all day?”. Now, and after many conversations, they not only understand, but are a great source of lead generation – referring me to anyone they think would benefit from our services.


Q: How do you stay balanced? Any hobbies outside your work?

A: I can honestly say I love my work so much that a “work/life balance” is less necessary, but integrated. My work is part of my life. Yes, I have many hobbies that I make time for, such as, seeing my friends, working out, riding my bike along the beautiful lake in Toronto, and enjoying live music. However, I don’t think of this as a plan for balance, but more an integration of everything I love.

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