Chats and Brats

Last week I capped off the week with the Cherry Noir Grey Goose event at the Thompson Hotel (note my cute sister featured in the style section). It was lovely to catch up with so many familiar faces that I usually chat with in the twitterverse, but hardly in person.  However, it quickly got insanely busy, I tripped over a table, bruised my calves, and called it night, ever so glamorously.

The following day was a massive snow storm… but not bad enough to pack it in and call it a cancel-life-day.  I spent the day with the lovely Mark Monroe (of Mark Monroe Music and Addicted Magazine) scouring the city, on a loft tour, from one dream home to the next.  I can’t tell you why. You will just have to wait and find out.

Yesterday I brought my new business partner, Steve Dolson, with me to chat about Social Media + Branding with the fashion students of the Academy of Design. A proud graduate of the school, I often discuss social media, privacy, and branding with students at Ryerson University, Sheridan, Humber College and the Academy of Design, and it was great to have Steve come with me for this one!

As 2 Social, we also offer training, counseling, and talks with companies, brands, individuals, and students… so feel free to email us for more information!

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