Church Aperitivo… OPEN!

So last week I went with some family and good friends for the soft opening of Church Aperitivo, and woah… delishhhh.

Perfect homemade classics, simple foods, done with delicate care and presented beautifully.  I brought my 2 aunts, who have yet to try a sauce better than my mothers, and both agreed that these Italian favourites were done to perfection.

Named appropriately, since the location used to be an old Toronto Church, the restaurant is a gorgeous modern design by Guido Costantino (the hanging lights and the exposed ceiling *stunning).   It is a perfect size for a night out with friends, sharing plates of Italian dishes over killer aperitives (Try the Ceasar, it is my fave! Super spicy!).

This Thursday they open their doors to Toronto at 5pm; every Tues-Sat. from 5pm – 6:30pm w/ the purchase of a cocktail, try shared plates at no additional cost. Boom.  Find better than that? Naaa.

I am bringing my book club @weheartthisbook this Feb, because I just can’t stop gushing over the food.  Look for me, I will be like Norm (Cheers reference, for you youngin’s) hanging at the bar with a ceasar.

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