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It isn’t always easy to make corporate fashion and/or promotional apparel look cool; but they are very valuable items for branding and companies.  At the Gingerich Group, we are always brainstorming ways to illustrate the importance and need for corporate branding through apparel and accessories, while showcasing our offerings as desired fashion pieces for everyones day to day wardrobe.


Two-years ago, I thought up the GG “Style Guide”, a mini magazine that  would take all the Gingerich Group’s various brand offerings, styled together, on some of Toronto notables and dear friends in the industry.  This way, instead of handing out 6 catalogues, we can share a “leave-behind” with our valued clients; a nice looking overview of what the Gingerich Group carries and how these corporate pieces can make its way into your personal, “at home” fashion.


Nothing is better than a promotional item with more than one wear, and even more so, a promotional item  that can be worn off the golf course and around the home… even (dare I say it…) out on the town.


Last year, we used my old apartment to shoot the second instalment of the GG Style Guide 14. It was my first project as photographer … and now I most definitely found (an additional) passion in photography.


Check out some of the looks from the GG Style Guide 14, and be sure to come on over to their FB page to see more! Videos to come…


Photography by Lauren Shirreffs

Style Guide Book Design: Karolina Ceolin

Clothing/ Accessory Offerings: The Gingerich Group: Charmaine Daudu and Roger Gingerich

Styling: Amanda Lee Shirreffs



And Voíla!

Karolina Ceolin

Karolina Ceolin

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