Do you have a bucket list?

I have a pre 30 bucket list of a few things I HAVE to accomplish before my next birthday… and so far, so good! In short, I am a bit afraid to turn 30, but if I keep myself distracted with my bucket list and top off a great 29th with the accomplishment of all my to-do’s, I may not be as afraid.

A sneak peak at my pre-30 Bucket list: Trip to New Orleans, Learn how to play piano, Cooking lessons, Write a book, Learn to be conversational in Italian, Read my poetry at an open mic, Charity work, Make one person smile a day…

There are many more, but this is a long list and I won’t bore you. Having said this, stay tuned for updates after the accomplishment of each on my hit list. Some will be funny, others will be inspiring, and some will be down right painful to watch.


An intro to my bucket list and interview with @stevedolson.

And now, a short interview with Lauren Shirreffs. Follow her now at @LaurenMariaS on Twitter!

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