My Weekend Cleanse. Sorta.

This past weekend I decided it was time, post Thanksgiving, to give my body a much needed detox. Usually when I start up a detox, it is just one I made up: eat healthy and clean. So, I typically start the day with water and lemon, and I proceed through the day (or days…) just eating steamed vegetables, berries, brown rice and no cheese, heavy dressings, meat, milk products, eggs, bananas, caffeine and alcohol.

This time, I decided to try out the cleanse offered at Pulp Kitchen Juice Bar & Healthy Eatery, located in Leslieville, Toronto.  I had heard of the spot through friends (and, social media) and decided this might be a great way to do a juice cleanse, minus the kitchen clean up (especially since I am in the midst of home renovations).

Pulp Kitchen suggests a break for your digestive system by ONLY ingesting their 3 juices (am, noon, pm): Detox Darling, Green Power and V-6.

No solid foods, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, just lots of water, water, water and their delicious juices (no seriously, they are really good… that isn’t starvation talking).

According to Pulp Kitchen, the metabolic process of digesting all your food takes up 70% of your body’s resources. A liquid diet can help the body to work on (and out) the accumulation of “stuff”.  They also say, that a juice cleanse can help break unhealthy eating habits, and give the liver a big break from all the work it has to do in our busy lives.

So, whatever, I gave it a go. Sure, the night before I gorged on a few halloween treats and maybe a glass of wine (or 2)… but nevertheless, I went in full force (don’t start that way if you try this liquid detox… definitely ease your way into the cleanse and read their online resources and  information HERE).

Day 1 was a bit rough, ain’t gonna lie. I had headaches from here to the high heavens, mostly due to coffee withdrawl; and by 7pm I was positively starving. Please note here, if you are going to try this and it is your first time, don’t be silly, uninformed and unnecessarily brave, go for the larger sized bottles of juice. I went for the tinier ones, more or less thinking if I was going to do this cleanse, I was going to go hard… and I was craving the weirdest things by 7pm.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.36.59 PM

Day 2… did not get better. I basically crawled my way to Fresh Restaurants and indulged in the Macro Greens (steamed greens & broccoli, raw bean sprouts and grilled sweet potato with tahini dressing). Yes, I know, technically I cracked. But in my mind, I was drinking veggies and fruits, what is the problem with eating them also? I did not add rice or soba noodles… but yes, I ate. Not sure that is allowed, but I am not trying to be skinny, just healthy. And the macro greens are my favourite bowl from Fresh – go have it – detox or not.

Day 3… I woke up starving. Even hungrier because I ate something the night before. So, I finished the juices well before 3pm, because I couldn’t help my hunger. I drank more water than ever in life, and teas became my favourite indulgent. For dinner I had streamed cabbage and a salad with light balsamic and olive oil dressing.

All in all.. I am still patting myself on the back. Nope, I did not do it as directed. Yes, I did enjoy the tasty juices. But I still cannot be convinced that not eating is healthy. Healthy eating is healthy. What that is.. who really knows these days.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist.. but I am human and I listen to my body. So, my “healthy” recommends would be:

– Drink lots of water so you don’t mistake hunger for thirst during the day

– Don’t snack

– Eat well balanced meals

– Make the majority of your meals vegetables

– Never cut out fruit (I don’t care that they have sugar, it is natural sugar and is made from the earth…)

– NEVER over indulge on any one thing!

– Life is too short, and taken from us when we least expect, so be sure to treat yourself and don’t restrict yourself! Unless you have a condition or a doctor had advised you to stay away from certain things… take one day a week or a month to have one thing you love. It makes you happy, you feel less stressed, you enjoy it.. and (sorry health fiends) but that is what life is about… feeling good.

No juice cleanse is going to help you feel good about yourself. It is a great way to put things in perspective and maybe give you a kick start to a healthier eating pattern. But hit the gym, take that yoga class, or go for a walk in your neighbourhood before the cold weather sets in and really take time to be grateful, humble, and appreciative to be alive.

Long story short… cleanses aren’t for me, but juices are a delicious way to get healthy nutrients into your body when our lives are to busy to eat it through the day. Try Pulp Kitchen.. delicious, friendly, and not going to blow your budget.

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