View of Grouse Mountain

Everyday I love our country. Not once a year on Canada Day, literally every day I am thankful for living here. I have had the pleasure to live abroad (temporarily) and love traveling as often as work allows, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of coming… home.

I love the smell of Autumn, I love the first snowfall, I love the lakes and rolling mountains, I love the cameo’s of wildlife on road-trips, and I love the people I meet in pretty much ANY city across the country. I am supportive of Canadian companies and start ups, I actually really DO love many Canadian musicians, and I always have my maple syrup on standby… it is tasty on most things.


We made it up Grouse Mountain, Vancouver. Okay, we might have taken a gondola...

This month, I ventured to the #westcoast for the very first time, and happily explored and experienced Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Lake Louise and Banff. Wow. I went from moments of being speechless, to being teary eyed. Thank you to everyone who showed us around, and made sure we got to see so much that the #westcoast offers!



If possible, I am now extra-Canadian. I really, truly feel like every Canadian should have the opportunity to travel around our country to see and experience its beautiful and unique sights- this builds nationalism and appreciation. However, when travel fares are equal to trips to Europe, and with so many Canadians first, second, or third generation Canadian, our citizens may be more likely to spend the money visiting family abroad.


Beaches around Stanley Park

Here’s an idea: Every Canadian should have one opportunity for one free or discounted fare to travel within Canada, so as we can build a nation of people who truly know, understand, and appreciate the vast beauty within our exceptional country. Lets build pride amongst the younger generation, and continue to build our fantastic country. You hear that, airlines? Come on…


Vancouver Art Museum


Lake Louise Stole My Heart

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