Fit Organix: Who, What, and Why.

Did you know that people who eat at irregular times run a greater risk of developing insulin resistance and what is known as metabolic syndrome, according to a study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet. Gone are the days where we power through a day without eating (or even realizing) it is lunch!

As a creative and health conscious bunch, at 2Social we know how important it is to be on our game, and eating regular meals is essential for our success.

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You may have seen us posting a lot of delicious pictures of our meals lately (yes… we are those guys): For the past month, we have been regulars of Fit OrganiX, a system that is breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, delivered fresh to our office doorstep, daily. Fit OrganiX can also devise custom meal plans and help you stick to whatever your goals might be, and avoid any intolerances or food groups you choose to stay away from.

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In just 4 short weeks, we have seen an increase in energy, easier digestion, and even dropped a few unhealthy pounds on the Fit OrganiX system. Also, when seasons change, my skin always gets a bit weird, and I tend to get random reactions to food (apparently, my doc says I am not allergic to anything…), but since eating mostly Fit OrganiX, I feel healthier and my skin looks WAY better. I am not joking, nor would I write this if I wasn’t being sincere (skin is nothing to joke about).

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Perk: I no longer have to stress about what to make for dinner OR run out and grab lunch (who has time for that?!), the food Julie prepares is all wholesome, healthy, and fresh… couldn’t have made it better if I tried (obvs, I just learned how to turn my stove on… now I have to learn how to turn it off). No more crappy thrown together breakfasts of random bread slices and margarine, or a banana on the go…

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Julie, the super bubbly, friendly, powerhouse creator of Fit OrganiX, is a wonderful source of information, and inspiring entrepreneur. Aside from her Fit OrganiX business, she also has created a line of cookie dough, which can be found at Whole Foods, Gluten Free Garage, McEwan Foods, The Butcher’s Son, Lady York Foods, and Me in Oakville.

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Interested? Check out her website for more details on her meal plans and delivery options, as well as TWEET at her any questions you might have @fitorganix

Man, I love my powerhouse ladies.. keep rockin’!


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