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I stopped in to chat with my cousin, and discuss her recent business and creative passions. I have been meaning to do so for awhile, and it was a welcomed mini break from behind my computer and on my  many social channels.  Call it a “creative afternoon vacation with mortedella sandwiches and fashion”.


For as long as I can remember, my cousin Andrea has been a fashion trendsetter in our family, always looking sharp and unique at every family gathering, no matter how small and low key.  She has a special love and passion for antiques, vintage and collectibles, that not many people can match. At age 15, she began her lifelong love affair with the 1920s, 30s and 40s finds, and has now embarked on an amazing new journey of making her love, also her career.


Her intrinsic and exceptional pieces, range from hair pins, to novelty items, from unique handbags to broaches, jewelry and hats.  I could have basically spent a full month looking at a different piece from her collection. Some of her finds come in perfectly, well kept Simpson’s boxes and original packaging. I felt like I time warped into another era, full of old glam and unforgettable style.

You can often find Andrea at the St. Lawerence Market, and soon she will be offering her pieces online, and of course, I will give you the link before anyone else so you have first dibbs at her collection.  She continues to road trip far and wide for new additions to offer and add on, and if you have any questions about the pieces she will be able to address everything on twitter and her blog!

Check back here for addresses, links and more on how and where you can find Andrea in the near future!


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