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Remember that teacher… The one who took you to see and do cool things? Who impacted your life in such a  positive way that you are still mentioning them 30 years later? The teacher who had a nickname for you, or taught you a short cut for math equations?  The teacher who chatted with you at recess when no one else would, who stopped the class to address personal problems, the teacher who remembered about your dog Jake and your Grandmothers hip surgery?

Most of us our lucky enough to have had this unique teacher moment, where they aren’t just standing in front of a class threatening you if you don’t tuck in your shirt… but instead, move you, change you and inspire you. I like to think that is the recipe for a good teacher and a good parent, but that isn’t always the case.

My friend Beckie IS that teacher.  She is very involved with her students by inviting them out for Zombie walks and orchestrating make up artists to come in for the day, to having us from Global Warming Tee‘s work with  them on our new Global Change Initiative and help them to raise money for a trip to New York.

This past weekend, Beckie organized a photo shoot with Dermont Cleary for her students in their winning design to be featured on our site VERY soon!!

The winning design:

Power of Love


Love of Power

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  1. by Beckie DiLeo on November 19, 2012  1:25 pm Reply

    Thrilled to have an amazing Arts Dept/team to work with this year - Kevin Parkin, Ruby Chang, Sandra Capoverde + my TA, Sonia Wing ... not to mention a couple slamming administrators - Iwona Kurman + Arnold Witt.

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