GWTees and the AGO

I wanted to thank the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for inviting me to speak to their amazing group of summer students about our line of t-shirts with a voice, Global Warming Tee’s.  It was such a pleasure to speak to these inspiring teenagers, and I was really moved by their ideas for positive change, and creative projects for social awareness. Keep doing what you are doing! The only way our world will become a better place is through education, understanding, programs such as this, and students with heart and art.

photo copy

Global Warming Tee’s just recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and we are looking forward to bringing more messages for change and to provoke thought and dialogue, while introducing children’s options for the Fall. We are so thankful for the many emails, Facebook and Instagram messages from people who love our line and support our movement, keep ’em coming, you all help keep us inspired! @globalwarmingtees on IG!

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