Happy Birthday to Global Warming Tee’s


Today, Charmaine and I celebrate ONE year since we shot our website and began (for real) to launch our “t-shirts with a voice” line. It was one year ago we finalized our designs, picked our tee’s, ordered our samples, and transformed my loft into a photography studio to shoot, what is now, our website, line sheet, lookbook images!


We are celebrating our bday by showing our appreciation for our amazing customers and offering a 30% discount on all merchandise (except the Equality tee and snapback) on our ONLINE STORE!  Use the promo code GWBDAY and shop our sale all wknd. Sale ends Sunday 11:59pm.


Global Warming Tee’s

People often ask us why we decided to embark on GWTees, and it is very simple. We both love shopping, clothing and comfort, but we also are very passionate about social issues. We wanted a positive t-shirt line that could play on stereotypes, open peoples minds, and help express what is on our minds with our fashion.  It is still a comfy t-shirt you can crawl in bed with or hit a bar in ripped jeans with… but it has a message you can be proud of.

At first we thought, “Hmm maybe people won’t feel cool wearing a positive message around”… so it was a nice social experiment to see what exactly people wanted to support, and express.  Much to our (pleasant) surprise, our t-shirts have become favourites to many, and we are so excited to get started on our second year working towards global change and understanding.

Yes, our t-shirts are one colour, white writing on a charcoal black… this is to represent a billboard, because we like to think our t-shirts are your own personal billboard, expressing what and how you feel on specific issues.  It is minimal, to the point and subtle. We may one day get into colour for children, but as of yet, this is the reasoning behind our choices.

Lately we launched a few new styles: The Equality Tee, in support of Marriage Equality and our snapback hat (my fave!) Love Child!

We have started pre-orders for “Support Your Local Dreamer” and we are excited to show you what is in store for this summer! Stay tuned!

* I want to personally thank Charmaine, for being an amazing business partner (and friend!) and calming me down when I get to excited about stuff!  Karolina, who this could NOT be possible without her amazing creative mind. And of course,  my amazing friends and family for their constant support! xox

Final WEB DSC_0890Global-warming.ca

Twitter: @globalwarmtees

Instagram: @globalwarmingtees


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