Here I am.

“I never see you out”

“Yeah.. I usually go to places that…” (voice trails off)

“Places where big ginos like me don’t hang out?”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna say that, but yeah, that sounds about right.”


Hi blog peeps.  I won’t rant… but even though I am in and on social media doesn’t mean I am going to share my entire life blindly with social networks and strangers. It boggles my mind when I see people post ridiculous pictures… like… it isn’t cool to be caught on camera for 3 ooo + friends with a bottle of booze hanging from your mouth.  Yes, we all do it. But we don’t parade it around the universe like attention seeking children.  So odd to me.

Another odd thing about social media is you never really know who is really following you. I mean following you… not just here and there when your status update or latest tweet pops up on their home pages.  Once I had some guy show up at my birthday party because he said he saw it on facebook… (he wasn’t invited though), so many times I have had people ask me “so how was your trip?”, when I haven’t seen or talked to them in weeks, months and years, and of course you have the random people who really think they know you. Listen, because I post a lot of pictures of food, don’t automatically assume I am some food critic foodie- that’s a little bit jumping the gun.  If I post quotes from strong inspirational women, this does not make me a feminist. If I post music from the 60′s I am not a hippy, nor if I post obscure current tracks I am not a hipster.  And if I post a lot of vacation pictures and you think I am away all the time, those are the only generic landscape pictures without too much personal information in them that I really want to post.

So really guys, be tactful when you put up info on sites.  I don’t want to see your PETA pictures of slaughtered animals (it really bugs me at 9am),  and tagging me on some kind of geo-tracking site might get me stalked one day, so please refrain.

Having said all of this… I post a lot of cat pictures, food shots, vacation pics and well… more cat pictures… so I am probably just as annoying.

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