How well do you utilize LinkedIn?

Last week, during Advertising Week, I hopped over post tradeshow and in the crazy cold to listen to the talk at Bell Lightbox with LinkedIn. One of the speakers was Gary Fearnall, who is Director of Global Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn Canada. Fearnall has previous experience working with Rogers Communications, The Globe and Mail, CTV and Cineplex Entertainment, so I was very excited to listen to his insight.

I personally love LinkedIn; I have connected with so many creative people and like minds, reconnected with co-workers, and met some very inspiring people. Many of clients, opportunities and past work have come from the valuable connections I have met via LinkedIn.

How deep do you dive into LinkedIn? Especially businesses and brands?

Check out some slides from last weeks talk:

Alison Lange Engel, Global Marketing Director at LinkedIn shares her industry insights and presents LinkedIn’s recent global research with TNS, “The Mindset Divide,” a global study revealing how emotions differ between personal and professional networks. This global study of 6,000+ social media users uncovers how marketers can connect to these different mindsets on personal and professional networks.”

From their tests, they saw that 86% of consumers decisions are made with social media; and emotion plays a critical role in marketing.

Research shows that a successfully executed social media campaign can lead to an increase in ROI (an example is #visagoworld)

Emotional messaging plays an important role in both personal and professional social networks. Professional networks, like LinkedIn, attract professionals who are extremely career focused, aspirational and purposeful. Whereas social networks, like Facebook, are more nostalgic, fun, conversational, and entertainment driven. These are important factors to consider when you are reaching customers/ potential customers through social media. Not every site should be approached the same way; you are dealing with different audiences and demographics.

Professionals are looking for career info, updates on their brands and current affairs when engaged on sites like LinkedIn.  Use each platform for listening, LinkedIn is great to use for polls, questions, and really finding out more about your customer.

I hope my notes were helpful!  You can always learn more about LinkedIn via mashable (my regular go-to reads).

Good luck! xox


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