Just a regular work day… at 2Social.

Cue Songza, warm up our delicious Fit Organix breakfast, kickstart the Keurig, and crack open the lap top for another sunny Thursday at 2Social...

This week… we launched our website!! A new face, logo, and details into our services and clients, in time for the busy summer months!

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Our favourite thing at 2Social is to talk, both online and offline, and especially about social media, marketing and branding. This week our chats were mostly about basic social media how-to’s to target new business, best ways to showcase your personal brand, and reach out to new opportunities. Some of the highlights of our talks were:

– Optimal posting times

– What NOT TO post versus what TO post

–  What platforms work best for your social media strategy

– And how to seek out relevant conversations to engage in, and topics to become a leader in online for each audience we spoke with


People often wonder just WHAT is 2Social, and we hope our new site really highlights our offerings and showcases our unique team. To sum up (but do check out our site!): we develop and execute online marketing strategies for local companies & national brands, and produce creative content that will meet their ideal demographic and stimulate engagement and new relationships.

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With one year down, and both partners boasting 5 years in the industry, we are excited to approach the summer months and continue to provide quality service to our clients.

Our team is growing, and we are looking to take on some energetic interns to assist on exciting summer projects!

Details: 2Social is looking for a social media savvy, trendsetter to join our group of creative brilliant minds.

Candidate must be in school for social media, marketing, PR or have a keen eye and strength in communication and writing.

We are looking for someone who can think on their feet, know the basics of social media, and always have an eye for what is trending in and around Toronto.

If this is YOU, email us at hello@2social.ca

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Twitter & Instagram @2_social

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