Love is a weird word. no one can define it, no one can understand it, but it seems to be the root or trigger to almost every single one of our emotions.

I had the divine pleasure and honour to witness what love actually is. I know, right.. pretty lucky. I don’t think many people get to actually say that. After years of being best friends, my uncle finally wed his beautiful wife a few weeks ago in the backyard of their loving home.

She was absolutely radiant. She didn’t let her struggles with cancer, or incredible pain hold her back from walking down the aisle, embracing my uncle, and dancing to the live band.

Six days after this joyous occasion, we had to say a final good bye to Dina and have a celebration of a different kind… to honour her life.

Some may think this is a sad story, but I disagree. They had a love that very few people get to experience. A love that changed each others lives for the better, brought families together, and inspired generations. And although she left us far too early, we will never forget the impact she made on our lives and how very happy she made my uncle everyday.

Although a short life, it was a full life. One person and one love we won’t ever forget.

Driving home after the wedding...


  1. by Kirsten on August 3, 2012  9:52 am Reply

    Such a beautiful story. Really what true love is all about.

    • by Lauren on August 3, 2012  9:57 am Reply

      Thank you! Yup, agreed. Have a great long wknd Kirsten!

    • by Lauren on August 23, 2012  9:17 am Reply

      So true! Thanks Kirsten!

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