You are never too old to need your mother. I especially realized this the other night while I whined with the flu. My mother drove downtown with soup, Tylenol, gingerale, and a weeks worth of groceries. She also took my laundry home with her, washed it all, ironed it, and has it ready for me for the week. During all of this time, she hosted family at her house making them homemade rabbit and polenta, reminded everyone in the family of a cousins birthday so we wouldn’t forget to send best wishes, weeded the front lawn, visited elderly relatives, and planned a kitchen renovation. That’s my mom. And that is just this weekend.

My mom proves everyday that a woman can actually do it all, and with grace, wit, spunk, attitude, and style. She teaches us that in times of pain, there can be love, laughter and strength. In times of uncertainty, family keeps us whole. And in times of loss, how to stand tall, come together, and find acceptance.


Her quirks are her perks, and I am so blessed to call this lady, mother.

Happy Mother’s Day <3


PS. Check out my mom and sister featured in Chatelaine Magazine for Mother’s Day, HERE.

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  1. by Toni Shirreffs on May 8, 2016  10:58 am Reply

    Thank you so much Lauren and Amanda. I know I'm appreciated every day. I'm so grateful to have been given two wonderful blessings I call daughters and are so very proud of both of you! Love both of you always

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