Monday Motivation (or lack thereof…)

I must’ve lucked out, because I can honestly say I LOVE Mondays. I always feel like there is a sense of renewal in a Monday; a new week to challenge yourself, accomplish tasks, and set new goals. However, I realize that I am one of the few who wake up jazzed for the new week and don’t really struggle to get out of bed after the weekend. It can take work, especially after a long, hard week or super busy weekend, to feel motivated or pumped up, so I thought I’d share with you a few things I do to prep and get into a positive mind set.

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  1. Have a fulfilling weekend.

We all have weekend responsibilities sometimes: weddings, communions, showers, family outings, dinners, birthdays, catching up on work… but it is imperative to find time in your weekend for fresh air, rest, and quiet. I tend to wake up early on Saturdays to spend the morning tackling anything unfinished from the week, then I move on to a spin class with a friend (friend catch up + exercise = 2 ‘n one), and I (almost always) find time in the afternoon to go for a walk or bike ride outside. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours hitting the pavement if you don’t like to workout… but it does mean you should take an hour or so to even leisurely explore a new neighbourhood, walk around, and sit on a park bench with your favourite song (try Radiohead’s new album… just sayin’). Why do this? It allows for you to find a healthy outlet to clear your thoughts, and help you prepare for the new week. It also allows for you to reflect on the pro’s and con’s of the week previous, to learn the best ways to grow, and move forward.

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  1. Sleep

Okay, maybe for some people or for the odd weekend, sleep is not exactly top priority on a fun filled weekend, but it always is for me. A good night’s rest is my recipe for youth, and imperative for fresh ideas and problem solving. I am one useless brain without my sleep! It may be a lot to ask for 6-8 hours of sleep in a night on the weekend (plus, you might have children and find that number impossible) but sneak in the nap! Anyone who knows me knows I am a firm believer of naps and their health benefits (although, I sometimes take them too far and stretch a 90 minute nap to 3 hours… but we’ll leave that for now..), so find an hour somewhere on your weekend to pull out a book, read a bit, and slip into a relaxing nap.


  1. Sunday Prep

Mentally prepare, do your laundry, fix a lunch, and get in the headspace for the upcoming week. The more things you can tackle and get out of the way, the easier it is to power through a Monday, and the rest of the week. I can’t say I do this one all the time, but I will say that I try! Sunday’s are typically my family time, and I tackle laundry over an ep of 60 minutes… but that doesn’t have to be your Sunday. I have found though, in keeping my Sunday evenings light and with time to get organized, has helped me jump out of bed and get out of the door earlier during the week, so just a lil’ tip!

I know that my tips might not be realistic for your lifestyle, or a checklist for every weekend (especially in the summer), but finding the steps that work for you can help you feel less overwhelmed and exhausted on a Monday, and more ready to crush the days ahead.

Don’t ever use your week as a countdown for the weekend. Everyday is a blessing and we should find time in each one for enjoyment, self-reflection, fun, and relaxation… whatever that looks like for you.

Good luck and HAPPY MONDAY!


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