New King West Neighbourhood Restaurant: Patria

For weeks and weeks, I kept hearing about this upcoming Spanish tapas restaurant making its way in my hood, but didn’t even notice it making its entrance.  I didn’t see construction, I didn’t notice Kristen Stewart partying there during TIFF, I was just clearly  distracted by the bright lights of Weslodge and the free food spreads at Soho House to take notice of its development.

But last night, I made a point to pop over to Patria and see what the fuss was all about.  It was a lovely little spot, with a killer sangria… that is for sure.  Of the food I was able to try (somehow no matter what area I stood in, I couldn’t flag down a waiter to save my life… note to self: throw that outfit out), I enjoyed every bite.  Of course, I knew that a Spanish tapas restaurant would likely serve a lot of fish, in which case, I would stick to my sangria… but there were some delicious options for the palette impaired!

It's a bird, it's a plane.. nope, it's a leg.. and that is kinda gross.

I am looking forward to trying this place out when it officially opens for dinner service this Friday.  Hey, any restaurant that is a walk away from my front door, I am into.

Hope you are all enjoying your short week! As much as I love Thanksgiving long weekends, the cramming of a work week into 4 days is not all that fun!

🙂 xox

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