Opinion: Qualities of an Entrepreneur

I read lots of wonderful articles that detail the qualities and personality traits of successful entrepreneurs, mainly to see if I possess the same daily routines or mantra’s of some of my inspirations. Some yes, some no… but after all these articles and reads, I can only suggest the following must-have’s that I attribute to success (both as an entrepreneur, and as a fellow human being).

1. Passion

Love what you do. It is so cliché, and really hard to do when you didn’t sign up to some of those hats you have to wear when you start your own business. However, if you really love and feel passionate about what you are growing, building and facilitating, those CRA phone calls and long conferences won’t seem so painful. Promise.

I have been truly lucky to curate my work (and life) environment with people I inspire, look up to, collaborate with, and generally… like. This makes all the difference in the world when you have a rough spot in your life and have to get up to be at your desk for 7am.

Sometimes, not all clients are a good fit… learn this. It is better to opt out of a business arrangement then to continue working on a project you don’t have passion for. At 2Social, we really partner with our clients. What does this mean? It means we work very hard, longer than any 9-5pm, digging into all aspects of their business to become an extension of their in-house teams. When they have a win on social media or otherwise, we celebrate it with them. When they have an event, we are there. Heck, when it’s their birthday, we contact them. We go above and beyond for our clients because we believe in their products or services, enjoy our working relationships with them, and have made the choice to work to help them exceed their goals.

2. Perseverance

Don’t give up. Another really cute cliché, but so true and really key for an entrepreneur. There will be ups, and there certainly will be some downs… roll with it. The outcome will be worth it if you continue working hard towards your end goals and delivering a great service/product to your clients.

Life happens. And it can be messy. Personal lives are hard to separate from your work life, when you work life dominates your time… but you have to focus and keep going. I am bouncing back one of the most difficult years, personally, of my whole life… and I really had to persevere and stay focused to keep delivering great results. In doing so, work acted as a beautiful distraction and actually gave me something to look forward to everyday. I am forever grateful for that.

3. Be Grateful

Be grateful for it all. The time you got pulled over for a suspended license on the way to a huge meeting, a new client, a thank you, a spelling error, a conflict, a conference… all of it, my friends. Because all of those things happened for a reason, and brought you to where you are today. You learned from things, you dusted off, you got better, and you are only where you are by continual learning. Be grateful for the sun, the moon, and the stars that guide you everyday in your decisions, on your road to work, on your journey to the next pitch. The more grateful you are, the more abundances are thrown your way… sorry if that sounded super “The Secret”, but…. it is true.

I’ll leave you with 3 today… there are more. There are thousands more. But I’d like to hear from you! So tweet at me, and let me know what qualities define you as an entrepreneur. Share with me your insight, so my next blog can feature your great insights.


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