Our first #GWTees Video!! Stand Behind Your Message!

You may be wondering why I have been slacking on the blog posts… well, at Global Warming Tee’s we have been hard at work, putting together and organizing our very first #GWTees Video: Stand Behind Your Message.

We wanted this video to achieve a few objectives:

–  People to understand who we are, what we do, and why

– People to learn about out Global Change Project, where we collaborate with students on a design – proceeds going to their charity of choice, project funded and sponsored by a local company

–  Thank everyone for their support and kick off the New Year enthusiastically

–  Produce an upbeat, fun, and heart warming video that illustrates the issues we are passionate about.


Why not see something positive go viral for a change?  We love this video and want to thank everyone who took time out of their very busy holidays to join us and be a part of our very first video, especially Craig Stickland, Daegan McNeaney, Central Commerce students, Beckie DiLeo Ross, Dave Gillespie.

Oh, and there will be more to come… that I can assure you!

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IG: @globalwarmingtees

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