Out of the grass and into the Foals

In 2008, entered Oxford band, the Foals, and I will be honest with you, I didn’t give their record much play. I must’ve been the only one, since their album upon debuted at #3 upon release that year. Drawing influences from Talking Heads, Harmonia and minimal techno… was just a bit of out of my scene. I was somewhere lying across the grass listening to Arctic Monkeys and Animal Collective on repeat.

Skip forward a years or two… I am a believer that this band is onto great things and can both enjoy and appreciate their music. Total Life Forever, released earlier this year by Sub Pop Records, expands on their initial sound and matures into a slick, soft purr. It is ambitious, well constructed and an easy listen. Even in the grass.

You must check out Spanish Sahara if you haven’t yet. The gentle knocking, his melodic voice and the climax of an indie-rock track that just made love to a dance floor. How can you even say no to that?

You can’t. Go.. enjoy…

If you are in Vancouver, and can time travel to yesterday- go watch them live at Venue. But if you are anywhere else, and can buy a ticket to the UK, Australia or Germany.. well lucky you- go buy your tickets!

Dance shoes? Almost seven minutes long, be comfy. Starts off slow… so you can just sway side to side… easy enough, so put on the heavy platforms or heeled…. The end kicks a beat though, so unless you are a trooper, just take ’em off altogether.

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