Pepsi Challenge with Canadian Musician Lights

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Remember those hot days at Canada’s Wonderland when we were young, and we would hit up the “cool zone” or test our test buds at the “Pepsi Challenge”?  Well, Pepsi has brought back those nostalgic Pepsi Challenge taste tests, and I am proud to say… I still get it right every time!  Diet Pepsi fo’ life!

Wednesday I hit up the Pepsi pop up shop, and caught up with Canadian musician, Lights, for a quick chat on who her favourite Canadian musical icons were, how she uses social media to engage with her fans.. oh and we laughed about my crazy, out of control hair. Note to self: try not to sit directly in front of a fan when interviewing someone, it will result in Beyonce-like hair.

So, sit back, watch the interview, and disregard my hair.

Sorry about the sound quality, it was a super packed, tiny room so we had to resort to interviewing via iPhone.

To sum up, she is a huge Joni Mitchell fan, loves her new Global Warming Tee, uses all social platforms to personally engage with her fans, and is a super down to earth, lovely person. I totally enjoyed meeting her, and I got to walk away with a copious amount of Diet Pepsi. #Score


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