Rudsak Fall Preview

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Last week, I didn’t have a chance in between meetings to make my way to the Rudsak preview (sadly), but I won’t let that minor snag hold me back from showing you some sneak peeks, pics and details about the upcoming collection!

“Returning to the frontier of disco and glamour, the collection draws influence from the new age era of pop culture while remaining faithful to the brand’s rugged DNA. Think memories of stardust flash like glowing neon lights, rejuvenating dreams of travelling through space on rockets. Lightning designs, metallic paints and bold contrasts manifest a brave new fashion.”

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I seriously don’t know where to begin with how much I love everything from Rudsak for Fall! If it meant trading the summer to wear this… I dunno… I might be on board with that…

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“Women’s early season staples include waist-cinched short leather perfectos, while transitional coats sit mid-thigh, forming subtle A-lines in shape. Asymmetrical parkas cast an elegant hourglass silhouette of the body’s form for a stylish winter look. Men’s single and double-breasted coats are boxy, as are down-filled jackets with center-front closures. The footwear leaps sky-high with chunky-heels while designs stay low with off-duty bikers and equestrian heels. Boots are lined with pony hair or shearling for an added sense of dashing allure. Whether you’re walking the city streets or off on a weekend escapade, the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection of handbags are functional yet cleverly constructed in both traditional and textured leathers.”

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I will never be sick of leather.

Something to look forward to ladies… until the Fall, lets keep this in mind, and spend the next few months poolside!

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