Last weekend, my family took my mother for her special birthday to the Ravine Winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake.  We started with a tasting, and enjoyed a beautiful dinner with delicious wines!

Ravine Winery is picturesque and quaint, with a tiny little shop for cheese and baked goods, as well as (over priced) nik-naks for your home.  We enjoyed our prefix menu and wine pairings, although the services… could… have… been… nicer. I never usually complain, but a good server goes a long way in my books; especially the memorable ones that have personalities that stand out and really help your experience at each new place.  That would be the one thing I will say about Ravine, the waitress did not look impressed by peoples’ allergy restrictions, and when the steak had to be sent back to be cooked more (as initially requested), we almost felt bad for bothering her… that was the impression we got.

NEVERTHELESS, the place was beautifully set, as most places you will visit in this cute, little wine region. And we all left well fed, and content.

Place: 4/5

Food: 3.5/5 (Somethings tasted too fishy for me, even after mentioning to the wait staff that I DO NOT eat fish)

Service: 3/5 (The live music was REALLY awesome, and we loved the Beatles and Johnny Cash covers… this made the rating go up to a 3)

Taken outside the winery, more on IG @laurenmarias

Taken outside the winery, more on IG @laurenmarias

For more about the winery, click HERE.

Pic by @amandal_stylist (twitter)

Pic by @amandal_stylist (twitter)

Pic taken by @laurenmarias (IG, Twitter)
Pic taken by @laurenmarias (IG, Twitter)


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Italian: Salute! or Cin cin!

Greek: ΥΓΕΙΑ!

Polish: Na zdrowie!

Spanish: Salud!

Thai: Chok dee

Yiddish: Sei gesund!



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