See ya later Summertime.

My Family at my cousins beautiful August Wedding

So ready for Fall.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer months… but I am ready to slip into my boots, hats and leather jackets. I am not one to love hot weather, unless it is temporarily while on vacation.  And while I was in Athens and Mykonos, Greece a few weeks ago, I definitely got my last blast of melt-y weather.

Driving thru Mykonos

Flying to Greece takes about 10 hours, 13 if you have to stop in London, England because none of the washrooms on your Air Canada flight are working….

Layer your clothing, because when you land it will feel like hot hair is coming out of a vent at you.

I loved every bit of Greece, from the historical sites in Athens and trying to learn backgammon, to the amazing beaches in Mykonos, and the white+blue houses that frame the island.


As a picky eater, I still found no shortage of food I loved, and really overdosed on yogurt and greek salads. When I finally got home, and went to visit my parents, I was really looking forward to something a bit different, like a steak or meatloaf.  Instead, my mom thought it would be cute to make me souvlaki.  I puked in my mouth a bit.

I highly recommend visiting Greece, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. Maybe next time, I will learn how to say more than “cheers”.

Restaurants we loved: Nammos on the beach,  Avra, Kalita (disregard the bartender with the bad jokes…), DO NOT MISS Jimmy’s Souvlaki,  and Casa do Giorgio.

Few “Lauren” tips:  Pack light… you aren’t going to wear more than one pair of heels… this I can promise you.  Bring ear plugs on the plane, everyone is very chatty (or you can do what I did, and when 2 children are going crazy behind you like they are using the chair as a scratching post, turn around and tell them “this isn’t a minivan, calm down!” in the voice of Dracula).


Welcome Fall, I am well rested and ready to take you by storm…

TIFF, Fashion Week, Nuit Blanche, Art of Fashion… and X Factor with BritBrit… best season ever.

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