Starting a Business? Here’s some advice…

For an upcoming feature on my agency, I was asked the following question:

Can you offer a little on advice for starting a business – or what it has been like starting and growing 2Social?

They wanted something short, sweet, and motivating… so I gave the best 2-liner I could whip up and had about 100 people read it over. The truth is, there is no short answer for this. So, I thought I would elaborate on my answer here.

Advice On Starting Your Own Business: Buckle Up & Be Prepared for the Unknown


People spend months, years even, drawing up a very pretty and detailed business plan, exit strategy, and a bazillion documents before actually working. This wasn’t the case for us, and I don’t think it is the best strategy, in general. In all that paper work, you lose your fire and get caught up in the “what if’s”, “maybe’s”, and de-motivators. Now, it is INCREDIBLY important to have a plan, however a one pager you can continuously edit and review is sufficient (or at least it was for us).

We spent our first year building our awesome roster of clients, perfecting our plethora of offerings, and working… really working HARD, because there was 3 of us for at least 6 months. In that time, we had plenty of late nights and long days detailing short + long term goals, overall company vision + mission, and shaping up a strong and unconventional business plan.

Just jump. Get started. Don’t lose momentum or passion.


Now, when I say buckle up, I say it because you should expect the unpredictable. Say goodbye to normal schedules, get ready to multi-task forever, be able to set aside your feelings and have empathy for others, and take a course or two in accounting.

We’ve been there. We had late nights, rough months, bad accountants, and emotional employees… but everything is worth it when you have a happy client, a successful campaign, an office renovation because you are growing too fast, and a high five from your supportive family and friends.

Stick through it.

It won’t be easy, but if you love it, it will SO be worth it. I love my job, because I meet with new people everyday and listen to them talk about their brands, businesses, and ideas – as we brainstorm how 2Social can work to grow their brand awareness. Each one of these people inspire me, and motivate me on my own entrepreneurial journey.


You don’t and won’t know everything, so when people want to offer advice or personal stories… listen. Be humble. Anything can change. Business can be good one day, and a struggle the next, so be ready and willing to do grunt work, sweat, cry, and give it everything you’ve got.

Good luck! xo


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