Sudbury, you are alright with me.

Say what you want about Sudbury. Yes, it is a small mining town in Northern Ontario.. so what?

Nope, there is no Holt Renfrew, the Bay, or well.. any notable Toronto shopping destinations. Because,  it isn’t Toronto.

But what Sudbury doesn’t lack, are the simple things we actually need anyway.  Surrounded by lakes, trails, rocks to climb, unlimited Tim  Hortons, family, home made wine and fresh salami… What else do you really need?! Sometimes people can get caught up with the material things, or timelines, schedules and deadlines that make up their life and forget about the simple things that actually make them happy.

Maybe the winters are a bit rough, but for me… there is no other place I’d rather be for a week or so in the summer, than with my fam in Sudbury. Just… watch out for bears.

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