Take Control of Your To-Do List

You know how people say walk your dog, don’t let your dog walk you? I think the same goes for your to-do list. They can get overwhelming, dreadfully long, and never ending as your day goes on. Take control! Or you might lose control… and your mind. Rather than have 30 coffees and work through the night (that may have been me last year), find a system that works for you and enables you to knock off those “to-do’s” in a productive and systematic way.

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Make a List

Sounds easy, eh? It isn’t when you have everything and anything on that list. Pick 5 things, and only list those. Plan on accomplishing those tasks, and anything on top of that is bonus. Not only does it seem less daunting, it appears more manageable and you will be more motivated to cross ’em out and hammer through your day.

Prioritize that List

Put the more tedious, hardest, and challenging task at the top of that list, so you can address it first thing in the morning, when you have the most energy and engagement. Some tasks are either more work or provide more benefit than others, and they are worth tackling first.

Then, work you way through the list, with the smaller projects at the very end. You will end up wrapping up your day with the tasks that are a bit easier, or that you enjoy the most, therefore ending on a high note. Oh, and you will likely feel super productive because you finally accomplished the top tasks you were (probs) procrastinating all week.

Be Nimble, Be Quick, and Be Flexible

Get ‘errrrr done. Sounds easier than it actually is. When you are a business owner and entrepreneur, your task list gets turned upside most days as calls come in, staff needs your attention, and projects pop up. Chill out and breathe. This is just part of your role. Keep reassessing the value of each task to prioritize and continue accomplishing task after task, rather than staring at your computer screen wondering where to start.

Give Yourself a Round of Applause

Being humble is cool and all, but really… pat yourself on the back and give yourself a standing O, if you were able to chalk off the to-do’s on your list. Walk home, get some fresh air, call a friend, have a glass of wine… and take a moment to clear your mind. Always be grateful for and appreciate your busyness (it’s way better than boredom), and then get back at it. Work, that is.

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