TFI Buyers + Press Breakie

Invite me to a breakfast, and it is quite likely I come.  Invite me to a breakfast featuring hot up-and-coming Canadian designers, I am coming for sure!

This morning, after a fight with a cab driver and a tall mild, I made my way to the Toronto Fashion Incubator at the Exhibition. TFI is an innovative non-profit organization that helps creative entrepreneurs develop business and professional skills needed to make their small business succeed.  Celebrated members of TFI include: Brian Bailey, Joeffer Caoc, David Dixon (‘Ssauga native- big up!), Pina Ferlisi and Todd Lynn.

At breakfast, I took a few minutes to peel myself away from the food table to visit the fantastic talent they featured. Oh, and the TFI building is beaaaaautiful, probably wouldn’t have cost me $16 to get there if my cab driver knew where the “Ex” was… grr.

Binksy & Bobo, Baby on Board, Adrian Wu, MM Crystal, House of Eenah, Green Bijou, Alya Couture, Tenielle Designs, Paris Li, Ann & Arayata, Roxx Jewels,  and Miik.

Check out some pics below:

Adrian Wu

I want every piece of jewelry from Tenielle Design, expect a feature to come shortly catering specifically to this designer.

…And that was my beautiful morning with TFI, I feel creative now… off to work.

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