The Joys of Starting Your OWN Business

I have always been an entrepreneur. It all started when I used to paint and draw pictures at aged 6, and went door-to-door selling off my coveted artwork (aka scribbles) to neighbours, much to the embarrassment of my parents. Or when I haggled family friends and loved ones to purchase my treasures, or invest in my creative spirit… for 10 bucks… what a steal. Next was the Lemonade Stand: I always took those to the next level, adding baked goods, music (Madonna, Immaculate Collection), signage, and mini business cards.

Then as I grew into pre-teens, inspired by the Babysitter’s Club, I orchestrated a team of trust-worthy people (my younger sister, and 2 friends) to simulate an efficient agency, in which people could call, book, and trust their children in our care. Everyone bailed, and I was left babysitting, and gave diaper duty to my younger sister. We were quite the dynamic babysitting duo… making upwards of $20 a week and bonuses paid in free pizza and pop.

The only thing I ever gave up on was my newspaper route, because there were just too many unassuming porches where I would accidentally walk straight into Charlotte’s Web. After one too many spiders down my top, I politely quit. (Plus, I hated how the newspapers made my hands black).

The joys of starting your own business, also comes with some tears… but if it is IN YOU to be an entrepreneur, you will learn to roll with the punches and aim to be an eternal optimist.

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Here are some of my top reasons to START your own BUSINESS:


Yes, no doubt when you start there will be longer hours than your friends, sometimes even less pay, but with time and determination that will change. You might feel like your life is your job, and well… it kinda should be for the first little bit if you want it to be successful. But you will get to a point where you find your stride, have locked in your long-term clients through relationship building and hard-work, and perhaps even (like me) built an amazing team of super professionals who can help you with your load and allow for you to… breathe. I can’t promise a vacation without logging into your email is in your near future, BUT you love your job so much that that will be okay. You will eventually get to a point where your days are planned well in advance, you can book off time for that yoga class you have wanted to take, or leave a bit early to drive your mother to the doctor without stressing about missing something.

You Run Your Own Ship

Remember that terrible boss you had that would yell at you for not passing along a message from his wife? Or the boss who would call you in early so she could take off for a date? Or the boss who you worked 12 hours a day for, went into the office at 4:30am for, and still found something wrong with everything you did. Oh… because I remember them, well. Now, you run your own ship, and curate your own team of co-workers.

Hiring for me was the hardest, because I never knew what questions to ask to really find out the content of someone’s character. Finally I got the knack for it, and I have an amazing gut feeling about people, and was able to curate a fabulous group of self-starters who I look forward to seeing; a group that works hard to inspire each other. I prefer to have no EGO at the workplace, and I put out that vibe every time I enter the office. And hey, if you work better by the window, perfect. Go sit there. You work better in an informal environment, great- create one! That is the beauty. You are building a company that also can reflect your values, and make you happy to work the extra long hours you might sometimes have.


Essentially, there is no cap to your salary if you have your own business, as long as you hustle and continue to provide value in your services for your clients or leads. I believe that as an entrepreneur, you have to always think a year to five years in advance, never just today and tomorrow- so always thinking of new offerings, and new clients or opportunities, are great way to grow your business and continue to grow your salary.


Call me nerd if you’d like, but one of my favourite things about having my own business is that every day is so completely different, and I am always thinking of what is NEW and COOL to add value to the services of my clients, that I am constantly learning new traits. Also, everyday I have the pleasure to meet so many creative and innovative minds and spirits that my brain is continually motivated to do more, grow more, and try new things.


One thing about having your own business, whether you have a bookkeeper, accountant, or whatever… you will have to ALWAYS understand a thing or two about how to balance a book, work on excel, and save a buck or two. Learning where to spend your money and where not to, is essential always- especially in the earlier stages of your business. These traits are so important to know anyways, and an added bonus as they will begin to filter into your personal life also. You will likely be more conscious of your own spending and budgets- and achieve financial freedom by being in control of your finances.

Well, that’s all for today, friends. Definitely, before you embark in entrepreneurship have a clear vision of what you want, know yourself and your strengths, and have gathered enough experience in the working world and internship arena to be able to go in with an educated approach.

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