These kids are doing something amazing, so can you!

Want to be inspired?

Yeah, you do.  This is the best story I have heard in awhile, get ready…  I am so proud of my cousin, and all the work she has done for such a great cause.

Every year, the students at Lockerby Highschool rally together to canvass and raise money for Kids Caring for Kids with Cancer.  This charity was brain child of young Laura Cotesta, who bravely fought cancer most of her young life.  Since her passing, the students have continued to canvass annually and raise money for additional resources for cancer patients in their local Sudbury hospital.

To date, the students have raised $500 000, helping parents and children with their fight against cancer, and allowing them other alternatives then having to trek to Toronto for every treatment or check up.

Firstly, hats off to Laura Cotesta, who in such a short life, was able to positively impact and make a difference to thousands of other families.

Secondly, praise to the students of Lockerby Highschool in Sudbury.  Their efforts, hard work, dedication and big hearts are beyond inspiring and teach us all lessons in our busy lives.  Small strides, make big changes.  So proud of all of you.

Third… how can we help them?  Lets a) donate, b) share their story, c) send them congrats, cheers of encouragement and praise!! All the encouragement helps!

As long as young people are doing such amazing things like this.. we can have hope for the future.

Read more about their efforts HERE.


The 17th annual Lockerby H.S. “Kids Caring for Kids” door-to-door canvassing campaign is returning to the streets of Sudbury in support of the Northern Cancer Foundation.

Over 600 Lockerby students participate each year in an effort to carry on the legacy of Laura Cotesta, a former student who dreamed of building a children’s cancer treatment centre in her hometown.  Since its inception, the “Kids Caring for Kids” campaign has raised over $500K for the Children’s Oncolgy Program of the Regional Cancer Centre.

Please show your support for this great cause by giving generously!

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