Time for You

When is it time to make room for you? Now. Yesterday actually, but you were likely so busy thinking you were happy to realize that you weren’t, and now it’s time to restart with YOU in mind.

This year I made this decision: After a life changing, mostly devastating year of losses, finally I dusted myself off, picked up my feet, and moved the F on, focusing solely on myself (for a change). This painfully took awhile… but I got there. I woke up one day, and decided not to be someone else’s graveyard of blame and dartboard for insecurity. CgS7AgPUUAALBsn

I had spent a good few years focused on compromise and building a life on ideals I never really wanted (but I was happy having at that time), that I had lost myself somewhere along the road. Moving forward, picking up the pieces of my heart along the way, I am jumping (diving actually) back into everything that I once loved, that took a backseat. Lauren, I missed you.

I’ll tell you them as the weeks go on, because I feel like each of them might be helpful to you in itself, and something worth trying out if you are going through any difficult time.

First up… the obvious…Writing, my old friend.

I missed my column, I missed my daily blog musings, and when I did finally write, they were pieces (I have since deleted) of zero substance. Here I am again, vulnerable and open, sitting at 7 am, writing my blog.. mainly for myself, I am okay if no one but my sister reads this. It is for ME (remember, do things for YOU).

Try it. Write down anything you feel in a journal. Might be nice to reflect back on to see how far you’ve come in your personal journey. It’s nice to have people say “you’re so strong”, but it’s also okay to not always be a wall of strength. Let yourself feel. In going through the emotions, and writing them down, you are able to truly feel it all and move towards a happier, healthier you. Be angry, be sad, be in denial, for as long as you have to be, but then move on. Count your blessings. Look around you and see the positives in your life. And let those positives swing you to your next chapter.

With every ending, there is a new beginning. And with every failure, there is a lesson to be learned. Look within yourself to grow and be a better person, to find and appreciate the real relationships worth keeping around.

Making a move in anything takes bravery, especially when everyone around you is in another direction. But at the end of it all, there is no joy in settling, there is no reward in being second to someone, and there is no happiness in living a life of make believe.


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