Triumph: Shaping Women Since 1886

1886… you hear that?! That is a long time! Needless-to-say, I was honoured when their team reached out to me for a fitting of their iconic Amourette collection. It was an easy, over-the-phone fitting, that allowed for me to learn exactly how to properly measure myself for a bra (and break my disillusionment that I was a size X versus a size …x).

Triumph recently discovered that 30% of women, globally, had never experienced a proper bra fitting (have you? Because I certainly haven’t). Also, 76% of women around the world are still wearing the wrong bra size! That sounds super uncomfortable.. and I was most certainly in that percentile for far too long.

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After our quick over-the-phone fitting, the helpful team at Triumph provided me with both a lesson, and my proper measurements, to assist in my future purchases. This was all in celebration of their 100th anniversary and to stay true to their “Stand Up For Fit” mission: helping women discover their actual bra size and “break down barriers when searching for advice on lingerie and personal fittings”.

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Check out Triumph‘s 3-step formula for a better bra fitting:

1. Wear your best fitting regular bra (no padding or push-up)- measure in inches a straight line right under the root of the bust. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches to the total. If the measurement is an even number, add 4 inches to the total. This number is your BAND size.
2. Measure the fullest part of your bust loosely, keeping the tape measure straight around the back and level to the floor (the will determine your CUP size).
3. Take the bust measurements and subtract the band size. The difference between the two numbers is your CUP size:

1″= A
2″= B
3″= C
4″= D
5″= DD
6″= F

Again, in celebration of 100 amazing years (kudos! very impressive), Triumph released a new addition to its iconic Amourette collection. Amourette Spotlight is the modern version of the classic line featuring an exquisite graphical floral lace design accompanied by the familiar comfortable cut that accentuates feminine curves, while providing support and comfort. Fashion + function + comfort… 3 of my favourite things.

Find the Amourette Spotlight available in both black and white core colours, at the Hudson’s Bay locations and find lingerie stores across Canada.

* Heads up: Triumph recommends that women get fitted every 6 months by an experienced bra stylist. You can book your very own personal appointment at!

I love this set, and thank you again to the lovely, and helpful team at Triumph. Now, I am off to the Hudson’s Bay to pick the same set in white… so comfy!


Fun facts:


64% of the world’s women wear the wrong sized bra, 29% do this knowingly

73% of women agree that badly fitting underwear can make or break their working day

68% of women agree that they choose their underwear to complement their choice of clothes everyday

3 Million women search online for bra fit advice every month!


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