Valentines Day

Wrapping up the Harlem Shake with Kurve Jewelry and Central Commerce (teacher and Principle) at HeARTs Market

Contrary to popular believe, I LOVE Valentines Day.  You don’t have to be plugging away at a long term relationship to enjoy the cheesy, cupid arrows in the air! I love everything that you probably hate about Valentines Day.  I like the sappy cards, I love wearing red and pink, I love cinnimon hearts, I love giving and receiving flowers, I love chocolate, I love seeing dads run to the store after work in a panic and over paying for sub-par bouquets.  I used to love the candy-grams in home room, I love the teddy bears you are sure they bought you from Shoppers Drug Mart, I love the love themed sitcoms, I love repeating my favourite chick-flick movies.

What can I say. I am a cheese-ball for cliche’s and commercial holidays.

Today I spend the earlier part of my day with the students of Central Commerce highschool, fundraising for a potential trip to NYC with Global Warming Tee’s and their amazing teacher, Beckie Dileo.  This was not your average bake sales, ladies and gents.  Take note, because this school knows what’s up!  Lets just say… break dancing, costumes, DJ and the harlem shake.

You have to check out this amazing early Valentines Day present I got from one of my talented, hilarious, comedian friends.  I think it possibly the best Valentines Day gift I have ever gotten!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, a special shout out to a best friend, who so fittingly, shares a birthday with the day of lovers.  Happy birthday ole chap, you crazy, crazy bird… I am so happy to have you in my life.  Even when you rip on me at a bar, and tell all the surrounding patrons my idiosyncrasies.

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