Where do I begin…

After a day of lurking centipedes, a fire evacuation, smacking my head on the fridge, and some old guy (at least early 80’s) flippin’ me the bird… I decided tonight was a ME night. Yoga and blog. That and.. once my friends start to notice it has been a month since you blogged last… you know it has been too long.

Firstly, my trip to London and Paris was great! I was able to both enjoy the company of my family and catch up with friends while not missin’ a beat with work.  The joys of working anywhere with a wireless connection.

We lost my aunts in Harrods and spent the duration of a long afternoon searching for a green jacket and a woman with a lot of bags… apparently green is the colour of the season, and it took us 8 hours on a Saturday in Harrods to find them (at the champagne bar). Only thing I accomplished that day was eating a pizza to my face.

I broke 3 umbrellas dodging the crazy horizontal London rain, did my best to eat healthy (fail), met Tom Jones (and by met, I mean said hi and snuck pictures of his unnaturally tight ass), enjoyed amazing dinners with family and got to hang backstage at Jools Holland (if you squint you can see us in the crowd) to watch the super talented Ren Harvieu.

(Styled by my sister Amanda Lee, check her out on twitter @itsreallylee)

Paris was a dream, as per usual. I can’t wait to go back and I swear… at some point in my life I am spending a longer time there than an average vacation. Something magical and romantic about that city.. obvs.. it’s Paris.  Versailles was a welcomed surprise. Some extra time, an amazing friend, and great weather… Versailles exceeded my expectations.

To read more about my travels, look for the next article in Mississauga Life.

And that’s all I am going to say about that. Oh, and check out the new album out by Ren Harvieu! It is really good right through from start to finish.


Ren Harvieu Styled by Amanda Lee backstage Jools Holland


Yup. That is Jools Holland and Tom Jones

For more pics check me out on instagram (laurenmarias) or on my flickr stream >>



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