Who doesn’t love socks?

I am a sock fiend. Really and truly. I have a two super organized sock drawers filled to the brim with my favourite dress socks, athletic socks, and tights. Two drawers because on my rushed mornings out the door, I can very easily pick the right drawer (one is for dress socks, one is for leisure or athletic) for the right pair of socks as I run out the door.

I have always been a huge sock fan since childhood, and so when I hear of amazing sock give-away’s I have to share them… because I know you all love socks just as much! Actually, socks are very important elements to your personal style and outfits. Especially for people who have to wear suits everyday to work, or dress a specific way for work, socks allow for you to add an element of flair and individuality to your look.

Quick… you have one day… head over to McGregor Socks Facebook Page (CLICK HERE) for a chance to win a sock basket of pastel coloured socks to add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

If you miss this contest… word on the street is there is another BIG one coming up from McGregor Socks… (shhhh!).

Good luck! AND Have a HAPPY Easter!



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