Women of Influence: Meeting Margaret Atwood

Last week, my homegirl Melissa couldn’t make it to the Margaret Atwood chat at Women of Influence luncheon, and was kind enough to pass the tickets my way.  A HUGE Atwood fan, not only for her amazing literary works, but also because she is such an inspiration to us all.

I wrote a lil’ something for Melissa’s killer blog to sum up the event, and I included it here below.  Be sure to check out her blog HERE, and let me know what is your favourite Margaret Atwood book on twitter @laurenmarias!

Last week, Subtle Nuances was given the opportunity to attend the Women of Influence Luncheon featuring Margaret Atwood. Our guest contributor fills you in on the inspiring experience: Lauren Shirreffs, Social Strategist at Shirreffs Creative, Co-Founder of Global Warming Tee’s. You can follow her here.

Every writers dream is to listen to the story of an author’s road to success.  Every young female entrepreneur’s dream is to listen to the story of a strong, successful woman’s turbulent journey to personal and professional success.  This was my Monday morning.  Most people spend their Monday mornings trudging through emails and sifting through 1-2 pots of steaming hot coffee.  Usually, that is me also.  However, this past Monday, I was invited to sit amongst peers and mentors to listen to the amazing Margaret Atwood speak of her career and road to icon-status as part of the Women of Influence Luncheon Series.

Firstly, what an amazing initiative: Women of Influence. With (sometimes ridiculous) celebrity icons always in the news, it is important to have such talks with women who have made significant strides in success and social change. It gives us a point of reference, an opportunity to hold a few inspiring words and relevant stories close to us as we power through our own personal and professional journeys.

Margaret Atwood gave us a snapshot of her life.  Her trials and tribulations with sexism and her personal passions like environmental issues and feminism.  Her wit and undeniable humour, kept the speech light and actually… gripping.

In closing Atwood said (and I paraphrase): There is always hope, it’s built into us as human beings.  With hope there is effort.  I wish you all hope. 

Ladies, lets transform our hopes into efforts and change our lives and the world around us.  Who says we can’t?

Women of Influence produce inspiring, informative and celebratory events designed to advance and connect women in business. Each of the original programs serve to fill the gap for women looking for role models or mentors, looking to connect with like-minded individuals on their path to success, or looking for unique corporate entertainment among their peers.

Check out their events, and make sure you secure a seat to one of their upcoming luncheons.  Prepare to be inspired.  As a person, and as a budding entrepreneur, this is the jolt you need to reaffirm your hopes.

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