Work-Life Balance

If you saw the above, “Work-Life Balance”, and you are sitting there thinking to yourself: what is that? Something needs to change.

The world is a crazy and unpredictable place. Time goes faster and faster every single year, and as you get older (and wiser), it is most important to stop for a moment, breathe, enjoy, live, love and laugh, in order to really soak up the very best parts of life.

Don’t get me wrong, work is important. Not only is it important because it creates a life for you and establishes you as financially independent, but also because it helps to give you purpose. But work is work. You can love it (in fact, you absolutely should at least like it), and enjoy the people around you, but at the end of the day… it is healthy to break away, and live a little.

It is sometimes hard to figure out what work-life balance is for you, and I am sure everyone is different, but here are 3 helpful tips for making time to take a breath of fresh air, to clear your mind, and to enjoy real life around you.

Stay Organized.

Calendars and schedules are mandatory. I share my personal AND professional schedule with my work team, as well as my boyfriend, so everyone is on the same page, and nothing important gets lost or forgotten. Knowing my schedule ahead of time, I can pre-plan my days, and figure out the quickest way to complete minor tasks in order to create more free time during the day. For example, I do laundry every Saturday, and iron on Sundays (if needed), to plan out my outfits for the upcoming week. This saves me a heap of time trying to figure out what to wear for the office on my way out in the morning, and leaves more time for me to meditate, enjoy my coffee outside, or read the news. I also have a coffee machine at work, with stocked coffee for days, to omit the visit to Starbucks and the prepping of coffee at home, to free up my time.

Leave your work at home… most days.

Some days are longer than others, but on average, if I know I have a lot to get done, I stay at the office until my long list of to-do’s are completed, so that when I come home at night, my boyfriend and family have my undivided attention, and we have time together for walks, talks, cocktails, or just enjoying a pizza night at home.

Quiet Time

Talking all day (online and offline), music, meetings, cars honking during rush hour… take a minute (well more like, 30 minutes) to tune out. Lie in silence, go for a walk, sit in your car, lie on the couch, or go sit outside in a park… and let all of the noise slip away from you. This will help you come back to the table with fresh ideas, a clear mind, and feeling way more relaxed. Mini breaks like this don’t have to happen just after work, nothing is going to go up in flames if you sneak away for 10-15 minutes every few hours to decompress.

Find out what works for you, but make it a priority to find a balance between your busy work-life and the things that are of value in life: Family, loved ones, friends, nature, laughter and health. Because, when you look back at your life… these are the things you will think about, not the pie chart in your last meeting.

Good luck to you!

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