Yoga Tree & Barreworks

Well, I am always searching for a new kind of workout. Something that isn’t a traditional  and boring (enter: elliptical machine), something slightly more challenging, and something that won’t leave me crippled in the fetal position for 3 days.

Recently, I re-started my hot yoga with Yoga Tree at 140 Spadina Ave. I love the big bay windows in this studio, the hardworking instructors, and the little tea room to chill in afterwards (or towel off after a crazy hot class).  The studio is very clean, everyone is friendly and approachable, and it is close enough to my house that I can’t find excuses not to go.  Until… I pulled my back and a muscle in my neck. Sob!

This has been a tough past month!  A few more days, and I will (hopefully) be back to normal and able to hit up a proper work out regime again.  FINALLY, I will be able to try out the very popular Barreworks, I keep hearing about.  Rumour has it, that this studio works your abs out like no other, and focuses on building long, lean muscles. #nobulk

“Inspired by the celebrity endorsed, barre fitness sensation in New York and Los Angeles, the Barreworks™ exercise system was created by a team of certified fitness and yoga instructors and dance professionals. ”

I like it already.  I wish I could wear a tutu… thank goodness Halloween is just around the corner!

Come on neck/back… we gotta lot of work to do!


  1. by Julia Levkovich on October 3, 2012  2:29 pm Reply

    Try shaping ! . 99% - Russians in the group though...
    But this is fun, always great music and great 1 hour workout... Hot yoga is the best, I agree...But to REALLY have shaped legs - go Latin and Ballroom dancing !!!

    • by Lauren on October 11, 2012  5:39 pm Reply

      Hmmm sounds fun, may be I will. Thanks.

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