Zumba. So fun.

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Well, I have a new fitness obsession, and I know it isn’t a new trend… but it is a new try for me. Here I was, prancing into the beautiful new Flirty Girl Fitness studio on King Street last week reminding myself I used to dance for 11 years and was a trainer… while I mustered up the courage to try Zumba. That class was so hard, even I had a hard time believing I had ever been in shape… or had rhythm…

For one hour I sweat.. NO, I brought sweating to a whole new level while I swung my hips like Shakira and felt my heart rate sky rocket. One thing is for sure, through all the hard work and intense movements… I smiled (and often laughed) the whole time, met a bunch of really nice girls from the class, and had a really good time!

Oh… and my body killed for 2 days. A good work out, and tons of fun? Count me in for next week. Next time, I won’t wear a sweatshirt. < That was ridiculous.

Have you checked our Flirty Girl Fitness yet?  You should. I love that it is a women-only gym, you feel so totally liberated and uninhibited.  Everyone was super friendly, and the assortment of classes is amazing! There are tons to try. I also noticed, that  in all the classes, the teachers encourage you to work at your own pace, and never make you feel out of place for being a newbie…because trust me, in Bikini Boot Camp, pole tricks and Zumba… I was a total newbie.

It was really refreshing to walk into a gym and not feel like people are staring at your. To work out with such knowledgable instructors, with really friendly personalities and who remember your name from just meeting you once… instead of calling you “sunshine” like the guy at Goodlife. Ugh. I was not a fan of that.

Check out their schedule online HERE, and let me know what class you are going to check out! Maybe, see you there!


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